Fees & Cancellations

Fees and Cancellation Policies

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover psychological services. Fees for services I provide to you are paid directly by you. Many patients have third party health plans, which cover part or all of the cost of services provided by a Registered Psychologist.

Enquire from your employer about your coverage before setting up an appointment.  I will sign any documentation you require for submission of your claim to your insurance company. I do not accept cheques assigned from the insurance company. You submit your claim to your insurance company for reimbursement and are reimbursed by them.
Consultations and Assessments involve up to two hours of interviewing and psychological testing to evaluate your current psychological and health status. My current hourly fee for these services is $200. Each session is booked for 60 minutes.

The health services provided by a Registered Psychologist are HST exempt. I do not accept Interact Direct Payment, Visa, MasterCard or other credit cards.  Patients pay at the end of each appointment for that consultation by cash or cheque. At that time, I provide you with a receipt for the service provided. Keeping current with payments on your account means that your treatment remains manageable and your counselling in included in your regularly budgeted health expenses.

The session we book is reserved for only you. No other person can take that time as we have an agreement that you will require that time for your treatment. The minimum cancellation rescheduling notice (to avoid being charged for the missed appointment) is 48 hours. The 48 hours allows sufficient time to schedule another person from the wait list into that time period. If you call later, but I am able to book the canceled hour, you will not be charged. If it cannot be booked you are responsible for payment of the fee.
I expect that your psychological treatments will become one of your top priorities. This will be reflected in your behavior: your attendance at all scheduled meetings, your determination to do the homework given to you, and your follow up with other health care referral and treatment suggestions.

If you require any forms to be completed, reports to be written, or any other documentation provided or processed for you, you will pay for the time it takes me to process these requests. These are billed at my standard hourly rate.
If you have any questions about the forgoing, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask me directly about your questions.